Missy Jubilee. Wonderland Preview

Alan Rogers

Hi Missy,

Wonderland Preview then. Short and sweet; really looking forward to seeing it's big sister now. A twist back into the melancholy? 

My daughter took a series of photographs on school trip once that were all taken at ground level. Literally. They took my breath away to the point that I went out and bought her a very expensive SLR for her birthday. The point being that I do love that camera angle. The whole perspective of the pier to the water thing and the framing of your image is superb.

It seems like there is an undercurrent of sorrow running through the film though; like regret maybe, or mild panic at being at a fork in the path where both routes look unattractive. There is a squaring of the shoulders, a chin up defiance of the situation, but to me it seems more complex than that. I am probably over analysing though. Have I told you I do that? It stems from you questioning why you are doing what you are doing. I think.

Emotional pain is horrible. Sorry, but I do not get the addiction at all. I have flashbacks of memories that are so painful I wince. I guess we all do. I think I am a quite an emotional guy. I know I am more sensitive than most girls I know. I still cry every Christmas watching 'It's a Wonderful Life'. 

There is of course the 'greyness' of the colour palette. The blurred and burned images. It all adds to a sombreness. 

Then you add a singing banana.

I have been told that 'I will always love you' was written by Dolly Parton for Burt Reynolds, and that the original was more heartfelt being that Dolly's life was torn asunder by their breakup. I have listened to both, and believe me Whitney's is a better rendition. I am not a fan of power ballads though and maybe now she has gone to join the choir invisible; whitney is indeed the voice of a demon.

As Dolly found out; anything that hurts us makes us stronger of course. And time is a healer; I know that. When bad things happen the memory of it can keep you awake at night, but as time plods on you learn to live with the thought and finally accept. If the public airing of your demons is helping then this can only be good. 

Dolly thought so.

Keep loving those flowers girl.