Missy Jubilee. 038. Art of Sex


About half year ago I watched all your films. They sure can inspire, even fools like me. I liked all your work so much that I wanted to do something good for you and decided to make something like little film.

Ha, what an idea. Sometimes I like to tell to myself: I am special, I can feel what others can’t. Sometimes going to my work with bus, looking at other people and thinking – I am not like them, they are all the same, all they can think is their daily routine, work, family, shittalking all day, their ordinary actions, their predictability in every situation, their preprogrammed emotions. Then I look to myself and see no good, instead of being same as others I often choose to be nothing.

So this time I thought: damn, poor Missy is really having a hard time dealing with her mind.  I could be the one who brings her a bit of joy in process, some 5 seconds at least, maybe ten

 I re-watched all your films, making screenshots. Not that rest of You is worse or something, but I captured mostly moments where your face was visible (that wasn’t often in your first films). I like that part of you most -  its like piece of art by itself, and especially your eyes – beautiful and scary at the same time. So my idea was to put screenshots in slideshow and add music and my supersmart text. I wrote down in notepad some thoughts to include in my film, had about 100 screenshots. Remembered ones with your tearful eyes...oh... i was crying myself almost. Sometimes I can rather laugh when people cry for something like broken teacup...

Then one day I just shift+deleted everything. This is not for me. End. :D

It happens that I don’t even always understand what you are trying to tell in your films, maybe because my english is not so good. Maybe because i have read more books at age 5-10 (none about sex) than in rest of my life. 

Now I keep checking all your new films from time to time. It really must be your story, your intelligence and your honesty, the way you tell things, your love for other artists, the way it is filmed, fantastic soundtrack – everything is great. The more I watch, the more I start to think that you really might be one crazy son daughter of the bitch. Take it as compliment.

Recently I thought it would be interesting to receive message from You (who knows, maybe You will be famous legend someday), so I wrote something. I could just simply write usual „how I like what you are doing” message, but you must be getting hundreds and maybe thousands of those letters. So I decided to torture your mind with my little story in bonus.

Wish You and your cameraman all the success in completing all films! 

p.s. Missy,  in case if aliens abduct Max to make him use his crazy camera skills for their porn industry and You have nobody to help You, just send me a message, I will leave everything and go around world to help finish your mission.