Missy Jubilee. 038.1 Trust


Hi Missy and Max,
Couple of random thoughts...Please don't ever start smoking crack. That shit is bad. Period.
Lost a couple of friends along the way to that. 
Part of me wants to believe your story and part of me wants to deny it. 
In hollywood films, you know they are just actors going in, and you have to suspend your disbelief. If that happens, the movie works. 
In your films, it is the opposite. I have to believe it is the truth for it to be real/ for them to work. 
I've been struggling to put my feelings about your films into words for some time.
If this is all the truth, then it is a tragic and sad story. Your films make my g-friend sad when she watches them. I really don't think your films are "just a clever schtick", and so I care about you as a person and not an actor. 
So, my advice is - Keep it real (Probably didn't really need to tell you that).
Last of all, is that photo of the little girl crying and flipping the bird really you ?
If so, that really shows your spirit. Hurt, but by no means defeated.
Much love,