Missy Jubilee. 035. Come

Helge Borgmann:

Great! (As usual, but nevertheless: great!)
It's not astonishing that Paypal kills your account, there were a lot of other cases; 10 years back JenniCam was the first site I personally can remember which had to shutdown cause Paypal pulled the financial plug. Well, I know why I never had an Paypal-account and never will, but there are enough other companies who'll try to talibanize the digital (and real) world. Disney's everywhere. 
One suggestion for your episodes in general: It's sometimes damn difficult for non-mother-tongue-speakers to read the text so very fast. OK, one could watch it again (and again, and ...), but that way the spontaneous wit gets somehow lost. Would it be possible to give the texts a tiny-little bit more time? Not so much, a few frames perhaps (maybe a slower fadeout would do)? I'd appreciate that! Yay!