Missy Jubilee. 034. Perve01

Tim Andrews:

Hi Missy,

I have just watched your film "034. Perve 01" and I thought it was great - the honesty of your description of the day on the beach in front of the guy and then followed by your very moving sequence about Phillip Seymour Hoffman. It is amazing how much his death mattered to so many people. l think it is because in every film he appeared in, he entered our souls and consciousness in a way that few actors have ever done so that when he died he was already a part of us and so something of ourselves died with him. The juxtaposition of that with your naked body, alive and vital, was superb. Life and Death.

I love what you do. When I was younger, I always wanted to be a woman. I didn't grow up wanting a sex change. I just wanted to "be" a woman but I didn't fancy men at all. So basically, I am a lesbian!

Speak soon.


Tim x