Missy Jubilee. 038. Art of Sex


Hi Missy and Max,

What do I think? Quack!

Wow. The rings... one black (or looks so), one white. How stunningly appropriate.
Crazy person? I must be crazy too, because the more of you that comes out, the more logical and normal you seem to me.

One thing I really liked about this episode was that there was much less of the staccato, strobe-like, back and forth. I get that you're an artist, and you must express everything in your own way, which means showing your audience how to see through your eyes. I just find it's easier to follow you without that, maybe it's just a question of judicious use? You're very riveting and a look of your eye, a turn of your hand and a tilt of your knee seem far more effective than a frozen repeated moment in time.

Visually, the old pictures of you are excellent. I wonder what you think if a couple of the shots were shown as before/after shots.... the same framing from 2006 in 2014, showing the look and feel on your face now vs. then.

Although it's an old fantasy of mine, I wonder if this would work for you? Look at us, talk to us, tell us one of the stories or feelings... with him inside you, holding still... you trying to concentrate on the story while you reach the edge. I'd like to think we're all hoping to see your expression when you come, when you bare your soul, and when your feelings are genuine.

Another suggestion, and I realize you're the creative one... I think we'd like to see your face when the crop comes down on your skin. Your look as the inevitable is about to happen, then your look as it sinks in. Maybe even a slo-mo of the ripple in your flesh that shows how real it is?  Maybe I'm a bit sado.... but you're much more maso than I first imagined.

I was very captivated by your 'like' of "the Art of Asking"... and I think it's an art. I watched the video quite closely, I'm sure you did too. Do you think it's becoming heavy-handed? The people who want to help just need to know how to chip in. The ones who need convincing will be convinced by your art, perhaps not by your explanation. Just one opinion.

I also liked the font change, and the feel change too when you presented the older material. I like the freshness. I realize that coherence is a fundamental part of your project and you obviously put a lot of work and thought into it, but I also think that freshness is vital to keeping people rapt for 5 years.

Still wishing you success and bulletproof confidence as you walk over anything that stands in your way,