Missy Jubilee. 037. Art of Sex

dave nash

Hi Miss, hope you and all are well,

 At the weekend i had time to kill stuck in the car, but "found" a open WiFi connection and then discovered Vimeo and found you again, 8~) after watching two or so releases on a smart phone and not getting the full Wow impact, i decided to look at the comment pages, i wish i hadn't, i don't know the type of review/opinions you appreciate, all i suppose, some of your Fans/supporters/admirers/followers are Very intellectual, there comments have made me feel my previous Emails to be quite "inadequate" in passing on my thoughts, so from now, i will watch all your releases (several times each) and then carefully compose and forward my opinions,

Keep on keeping us on the edge of the chair. 

Your hand on heart fan


PS release 025 is exceptionally good. Good= F~#*@ing Amazing.