Missy Jubilee. 035. Come


This has been my beef with Youtube, InstaGram, & FaceBook for a number of years now. Art Vs Porn. Since YT's gone "HollyWood" They've lost all their original identity for being progressive & about ondividual expression of the independent artist. In 5 short years YouTube has went from pioneer to worthless. I was BANNED off Instagram in May 2013 & told in writing I would never be able to set up another account with them after being reported by a hater for a photo of a stripper that barely pushed the nudity envelope. And Facebook? Don't make me laugh.. You'd think with all their 30 day suspensions for the dumbest things that you were a real mastermind criminal out to destroy the world. I had to remove everything off fb & youtube that came close to pushing that nudity envelope yet had nothing to do with porn. About a month or so I posted a painting of Venus & Cupid (both naked) & asked the question Is This Art Or Porn & Why? What makes that painting acceptable as art & a woman lying on her belly with no clothes on as porn in 2014? This problem also begins with parents who don't know the difference because they've been brainwashed and cannot explain it to their children either. This cycle will continue to spiral in this manner unless children are taught from day one that the human body is beautiful & never be ashamed of it. What disturbs me more is that NO ONE argues why are all these video game commercials advertising war chaos destruction killing assassination & being blown up into little pieces. Umm yea it shows the plane being blown up but there were people in that plane. TV shows like the Walking Dead & True Blood are highly praised and accepted but show a little skin and everybody loses their minds. I am sick of this double standard bullshit & with you 100% MJ. -DJP