Missy Jubilee. 034. Perve 01

Bas van den Boom commented on your clip Missy Jubilee. 034. Perve 01:

  Completely overwhelmed by the aesthetics, again. I love the depth. Looking forward to the next episode! 

Your last episode, really stuck with me. Especially your end-quote on darkness. I lost a friend to suicide last week. He had been living in darkness for over a lot of years. I dunno if I'm normal or not, but I just didn't get it. And I hope I never will. The strange things is though, the day the news was brought to me, I went sexually numb. Usually it's on my mind like almost all the time (except when I'm making music), but now it was gone. Only for one day unfortunately… The peace it brought me, that one day, was remarkable, although the sadness of my friends passing was great. A little more peace of mind would be great, dunno how to achieve that…
You keep up the good stuff! I adore your work and I'm spreading the word! X Bas

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