Missy Jubilee. 036 Wonderland

Semaj Ekim just sent you a message on Vimeo:

  I look forward to you sharing more of your " one of a kind, unlike anything else," ongoing journey.
A journey that is powerful and mysteriously attractive in ways that are enticingly fascinating and seductive. With a melody of music, that if all combined together, could be used as a soundtrack of ones life. Filmed in a way that is slightly unclear, yet clear enough, that the intended objective shines through, and leaves much to the imagination, like a interrupted dream, that you want to return to, but can't. So you go on in anticipation, patiently awaiting the next one to come...
All involved with you have a captivating format style, keep up the great work, and i patiently await to discover what comes next... Peace and Respect,,,,,,,Michael (Semaj Ekim)