Missy Jubilee. 034. Perve01

Murph Murphy:

Missy -


I am lost as to what to say first... (Start anywhere dummy)... yeah... OK, OK, OK... First glad you found your way, looked like you'd taken yourself into the weeds for a brief moment... 2. WOW loving the story, DEEPLY loving the Rashomon reference and your execution of it... THIRD... Mad respect for your soundtrack

Ok, Ok, I got that drooling fanboi shit out of my system.

I love the direction your taking, glad you took the step back to find it and am moist with anticipation regarding where it will lead.

Maybe still a little fanboi-ish

Long, short - GO GIRL!!!

Thanks for the PSH tribute and the gallows humour involved, well played indeed. your depth of quotables is only superceded by your music references.

Bravo -