Missy Jubilee. 035.1 Come. Short Version

Mark Vahrmeyer:

I love what you have to say in your video art productions and your experience and message speaks to me on a profoundly personal level. I have struggled most of my life with relating to my sexual beingness - a struggle that continues to this day. In fact it eventually led me to train as a clinical psychotherapist and yet i remain burdened by shame and aloneness. Like you i am married and my partner gets some of how I experience arousal and sex and not other things. In my work I increasingly see folks (mainly men) whose shame about the sexual side of who they are restricts their ability to be intimate. Clinically i get why - we sexualise loss to protect us from trauma, but at the end of the day this is not very helpful. Plus, where am I supposed to lead these poor souls (I include myself in this)? Therapy advocates 'normal' sexuality and as you so poignantly show in your videos, society's hypocrisy does not allow for an open discussion about sex. Anyway, that's enough as an opener. Thank you for sharing your journey. We all have to find our own way of integrating the split off parts of ourselves that we learned to feel ashamed about. I look forward to showing Sam, my wife, your work (she is also a psychotherapist). Mark