Missy Jubilee. 034. Perve 01

Last night, the bartender at the Driskill hotel set a drink in front of me, just as my phone lit up with a Twitter notification.

"Missy Jubilee is now following you."

I snatched up my phone and shoved it into my creative director's face. "Look at this shit!" I said to him. I'm easily star-struck. And as you'll discover, I'm such a lame Twitter user, I'll probably get kicked off for inactivity or bad bullshit.

I'm not a writer. I always thought I'd be a decent one, but I got into photography instead. That was 17 years ago. I'm now the lead video producer at a small marketing firm in Austin.

My creative director, who's also one of my closest friends, is easily the kindest, most brilliant man I've ever met. A week before I discovered your films on Vimeo, I told him over lunch, "I now realize that porn isn't interesting to me. It's more of an honest/comfortable/shameless/happiness thing. And its about nudity, regardless of body type."

He immediately paraphrased an article he'd read about how porn isn't natural to watch. Similar to watching animals fucking. There's something about it that's not right. Like, you're not supposed to be seeing that. That's for them, not you.

That sort of made sense, but it was only when I discovered you that I could tell someone what I liked, instead of telling them what I didn't like.

Your films are beautiful, as are you. I love your music selection, your timing, your choice of comedy and your respect for my time. But most of all, I love your mind. It's sexy and comfortable and inviting.

And I don't know what made you decide to share it with us, but I'm thankful you did.

I hesitated to write any of this for fear that it may change your work in some way.  So delete this and forget everything I just said.

So after all that rambling bullshit, I figured out what I like and why I felt compelled to write:

You have a gift.

While watching your films or reading something you've written, I see or hear things that raise a question in me. With beautiful timing, you answer that question with incredible timing and beautiful, honest surprises.

I'll see myself out.

Your newest fan in Austin, Texas,