Missy Jubilee. 035. Come

Dirk Gently

I have never considered your video's as pornographic. They stray into the erotic by association rather than the explicit. The words often do not combine with the images. The raw, open honesty often impedes any sexual connotations rather than assists. But it is all beautiful.

Summarising your work is impossible. I have attempted before and because I love it so, will probably attempt again, but it is a futile endeavour. Your work is beyond categorisation.

The really strange thing in all this is not the fact that nudity is considered pornographic by some really fucked up people; but that the way in which the faceless corporate is able to censor without governance.

You need your own means of publishing your art, and your own means of gathering your donations. Perhaps the latter before the former, if you are to try and self fund. There is something very noble about your rage against the machine, and we in your small annoying gang will get all worked up, but I am afraid we are pissing in the wind here. The icebergs are looming and they are not going to move for you. It is time to set a course avoiding those bastards.