Missy Jubilee. 034.1 Perve 01. Preview

Dirk Gently:

Perve Preview reminds me of your earlier work; with that tantalising promise of a return to narrative. The warmth of the sun shines through.

I have missed you. You know how you hear a song playing and relate to the lyrics to the point that you think the song describes your situation/condition. I get that. Sometimes I get lost in your world to the point that it interweaves with my own thoughts. Is that healthy? Probably not. Perhaps you do not yet realise the effect your project is having on us mere mortals.  I have thought about your work a lot. Listening to lots of songs and thinking of your words.

It is with pleasure and a little pride (in you and Max) that I note the list of collaborators and followers growing for your project. Quite a gang. Not annoying yet, but since I am blown away with your output, their contributions can only be very worthy indeed.

I so look forward to the full release of this video. I am going to be intolerable to be around until it is out. I will give my best in describing my emotions in watching in full after that data is streamed through my eyes and ears.

Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side.