Missy Jubilee. 031.1 Requiem. The Long Version

Dirk Gently


I know my faults. I am a master at self deprecation and hate almost everything I produce. Be it music (yes I play guitar and used to have a band; long story), poetry, painting, drawing, correspondence, even design work in my job as an Engineer. I am so self critical that even this is a self criticism. I was born with my feet in my mouth.

You, on the other hand have a wonderful attitude (or so it seems to me). Your worth is there for all to see and it is magnificent. The stories are rich and we are drawn into a world of imagination and characterisation that is unbelievably complex, honest, raw and drop dead brilliant.

There have been some not so subtle hints that your work paradigm is changing. Even some talk of not being able to continue. Well, if what you have put together is to be the total of your project you have created something of real value and art. It could stand on its own as a series. Each video linked by subtlety to the next, always a hint of more to come. Keep them guessing.

I have not written to ask for things you may not know yet. But I keep thinking of the Springsteen track Bobby Jean:

Now I wished you would have told me, 

I wished I could have talked to you, 

not to change your mind, 

but just to say I miss you girl, 

good luck goodbye.

This may be goodbye, or it may be au reviour. I guess that maybe down to you. If I can offer any encouragement to keep going, then I will.  

Kindest Wishes as always,