Missy Jubilee. .033. Frank

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Simon Cooper:

Hey Missy

Thank you for the beautiful Frank Moore love story and remembrance video- I imagine he would have loved it and I hope you hear from people who were close to him.

I can see him smiling and feeling like he fit in very nicely at spot 033- I guess he got the 3's even if you did not.

No pressure, but this long series of short videos just keeps getting better. Standing on the shoulders of Giants, hard to think of anyway other way to say it- I have tried and nothing comes close, and in this case, I do not feel like it says something about what is lacking within you or me, and our ability to express ideas. I think instead, that sometimes, someone expresses something so profoundly well, that to not echo it, diminishes that which we seek to praise. Maybe we should not fear clichés when they bring greater clarity and a more exact truth, although I suspect that would stop it from being a cliché.

Thank you for shining that brilliant mind of yours on Frank,

In Frank we trust,


PS Platypus! What about the Echidna? Soft egg shell and sharp spikes- that is a serious design flaw. Guess they were done on the same day-  go monotremes, but seriously, all the other monotremes die out except for those two? SC