Missy Jubilee. 031.1 Requiem. The Long Version

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Michael Verselle:

Hi Missy,

This is in response to your vimeo profile and the questions you had listed.

Is this body of work comprehensible?. 

I believe it is comprehensible. In the beginning, I was not sure what you were trying to convey, and maybe you were not either. Once I realized this was a story, and that each video was not a separate entity in and of itself, I started from the beginning and found that it is a beautiful and amazing, and agonizing journey.

Is it original?. 

This is very original. I love the erotic, sexuality, passion, but not really 'porn'. I have never seen anyone approach it this way, with such openness.

Does it approach sexuality creatively. 

Extremely creative in my opinion. 

Does it talk to you?. 

Yes! It talks to me on so many levels. It would take to many lines for me to write how it talks to me, and what I find so intriguing about your journey.
It is beautiful, scary, thoughtful, sexy, erotic, and amazing to watch.

Can you see into my head when you watch my films?. 

Yes I can, or at least I think I can. Who can ever truly know another. I can 'see', and I can 'understand' what you are saying, but it is not the same as what I call 'heart' knowledge. Heart knowledge is that AHA! moment, when not only do you know something on an intellectual level, but you know it deep inside of you as well. Think of riding a bicycle (or anything that you had to wait to do in life due to age/skill). Until you were big enough to ride one, all you could do is watch others. 
You 'knew' in your head what to do. 1. Sit upright. 2. Pedal. 3. Steer But it was only when you got on by yourself and starting riding that you went .... "OH, so this is what is feels like!" That is heart knowledge. Sorry...I can ramble at times :p

Did you get to see my sexual insanity up close? 

Yes, and I love being able to see this. Though I do not believe it is insanity, I really don't. either that or I am as insane as you are.

Did it get you to react?......not by using cheap porn techniques of harder, bigger and wider, but by making you think?.

Oh yes, it makes me think, and wonder, and be amazed, and that is why I am drawn to it. It makes me think.

Well that is it for the questions you had on your profile. On a side note, I read something yesterday on your page about 'getting back to eroticism', which I believe 
was a reply to someone in an email. While I think that is great and sexy, my personal opinion is to not give up anything you have done...unless you are fully ready in your journey to give it up.

Good luck on your journey!