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Robert Turner

First off, thank you so much for your reply...I'm a little star-struck!  When the woman you worship throws away a 24 year relationship, your self esteem becomes a bit of a crash dummy.  The fact that you emailed me has me walking a little taller the last few days!  Why would an intelligent, talented and easy-on-the-eyes woman who lives on the bottom of the world (yes I have Euro-centric tendencies) care enough to chat with me?  And I find it quite interesting how much you resemble my ex.  And one of her affairs was with an actor....some inter dimensional dot connecting is probably out there if I were up to it!


As for the closure:  I watched all the videos on your site, most more than once.  Your story gave me insight into what I think went haywire with Kimberly.  Infidelity leaves the faithful person in a pit of emotional quick sand and you are desperately reaching for any stick, rope, hand, answer you can find.  And we all pretty much take the easy out and blame ourselves.  Not good enuff to keep her, not worth it, blah blah....Those couples that try to work thru it usually spend much time discussing the who, what, when, where and especially why.  But it usually comes back to the betrayed just needing some explanation that does not involve themselves being of so little value that the bigger part of their life could be left on the nightstand with the wedding band and KY lube.  That is why your story has helped me because I see now that she was probably wrestling with some of the same issues you have and the demons just had to get out and she took the path that seemed to work.  I would have preferred it the good ole' lonely, drunk, won't happen again version but it was soo extreme and such a radical departure from the norm(?) that I know her issues went way deeper. Knowing this helps me kick a little more dirt into the grave and helps me know that I wasn't such a lousy guy after all.  Damn I sound whiny.

So you are not my therapist, but thanks for listening.  I posted on your FB page that you taught me that fucked up people don't aim their fuckedupedness at others, it is just collateral damage.  And that has helped me so much.

And as for my comments on your appearance - I think I worded it wrong.  I was intending to tell you that, yes you are attractive, but it is your mind and thought processes that are so sexy.  I found a site once with some pretty, uninhibited young ladies, but I don't think they were really teen agers and prolly not even real cheerleaders!!!

Wish you all the best, I will be following you and will buy a long creepy trench coat and keep your work on me in case I find some unsuspecting but worthy souls to ensnare with a good dose of MJ!