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Missy, I am blown away by your brilliant film making and funny story telling! You have a VERY nice body too, making your films hard to resist. So far I have watched 1st O and Cream'd and look forward to spending even more time in front of my stupid computer just because of you. 

Cream'D struck a strong chord with me as I have spent 3 weeks during 3 separate visits at Burning Man in the Nevada Desert. You've heard of this yearly event, I'm sure. These last 3, of 5, visits I gifted myself and my services to everyone in need on that scorching, dry, barren playa bed. One of the cardinal precepts at BM is a gift economy. No money is allowed and it is not bartering. Give and you shall receive. 

You see, I was Sunscreen Man, the beloved dermal savior of the playa. On my bicycle, and wearing professional scrub pants and shirt, I sought out all pink and soon to be pink burning skin, sometimes miles from their shade structures and life support. I approached thousands of needy folks and was warmly received and appreciated by hundreds. I had high SPF, tanning lotion, and spray on when people did not want to be touched, or when I didnt want to touch them. Most of them wanted to be touched. Touch I did. It was every school boys fantasy to caringly caress and protect all those beautiful breasts, backs and buttocks. 

Couples were a big hit. I would always ask the guy first, spray and rub his back, spray his face with clear, and then turn my attention to his female partner. If they werent topless yet, they soon shucked their tops(and sometimes bottoms) and I slathered em up. I even had colored zinc oxide for nipple decoration. I was really good at matching the color with skimpy outfits.

Male passersby would often stop and gawk at me rubbing lotion all over the naked nubile bodies. "Hey buddy, if you dont work for it, you aint never gunna get it," I'd gleefully be thinking! Ego boost!

Days later, people would come up to me and thank me for the services I provided earlier when they had wandered miles away from camp and were getting fried.

It was long, hard, dirty work, but someone had to do it! In the 5 years that I attended BM, I never saw another mobile sunscreen applicator.

The last year I had a side kick, SPF Girl. I think you would have made a better partner as the Girl didnt have her heart into it.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to watching more. If you ever decide to come to the States and visit Burning Man, I would be honored to show you and your hubby around. I live about 3 hrs away from the event location. You could make me want to go back again!

Ron aka Sunscreen Man