Missy Jubilee. 031.1 Requiem. The Long Version

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oliver js pratt:

Hi Missy


too much for me to comment on right now

so many pieces and thoughts

i will probably have to watch it several times and then forget it all to discover what i really think

but instant thoughts are i love the sense of humor pocketed through out and that tells me you laugh at death as Woody Allen said Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive

i love the Bush take a walk on the wild side, is that yours or a u tube?

if it is yours it should also be a u tube, so many parodies there

i connect (as an artist) with many observations and comments (i subscribe to the francis bacon method) that you raise and generate and literate and they are also my ways of working or not working

i help people get this by using juggling as an example

if you try and juggle u drop the balls

if you just juggle you are juggling

when u become conscious you are juggling u drop the balls

so just juggle


well here it is

when i was 5 i grasped and understood death

i totally got it and comprehended it and it has taken me years to be comfortable with it, no that is wrong i will never be comfortable with it it has taken me years to accept it and yet i still don't accept it, death just makes me more alive

the fact is death only exists for those that are alive but at that age i attained what many Buddhist monks spend a life time trying to understand complete nothingness

where do you go from here Missy?

always a pleasure

O x