Missy Jubilee. 031.1 Requiem. The Long Version

1. Missy Jubilee.031.1. Requiem. NSFW.jpg

Globule Rouge:

  Hey Missy! 
How are you doing? 

I didn't tell you, until now, what I feel when I see your videos (except that you can easily guess the effect your gorgeous body has on me…). Actually, I think about your texts, more than your body when I talk about what I feel. In a way, I can recognize myself when you describe some of your feelings. I won't be more specific now because I need to think more about it, but I can say that your process looks like mine, even if your way is different from mine. Don't worry, some day I will explain myself more about what I'm trying to say. However, I can give you a hint: I follow a therapy for 3 years now, and the way I started it makes me think about the way you started your series of films -> first part: exposing the decor, the character(s) and the situation; second part -> ... (still to come for you).

Next time, maybe I will talk more about my way... if you're interested anyway. In the meantime, I love your way :p

Let's make porn the exact expression of beauty!

With love.