Missy Jubilee. 031.1 Requiem. The Long Version

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Strip Club Radio commented on your clip Missy Jubilee. 031.1 Requiem. The Long Version:

  You provoked a memory.Bukowski referred to the bathroom as the torture chamber. As a young boy I referred to it as "the pen" my father went from professional boxer to prison gaurd or C.O. My punishments when I got caught for something i was guilty of was him teaching me how to defend myself in a street fight & boxing ring in that tiny space. I had no where to run or hide. Some may call this form of discipline abuse. I never did. It hardened me. Sharpened my reflexes. Dulled any pain I encountered in the streets of NYC. And I won every fight. I'm rambling.. apologies.. your work evokes emotion in deviants like me.