Missy Jubilee. TVI Portugal VOL 01

Ground Control:

Dear Major Tom,

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on

You are alive. Really alive. Not in the sense that all living things are alive but alive in the way that you are living really living. Not many people can say that. Many people will live through you vicariously and you will insulate them from the brutality that your soul will endure while allowing them to delight your accomplishments. There you are sitting in your tin can far above the world. It’s ok to be scared; it’s ok to feel insecure. You are small and vulnerable when you are in outer space. Don’t worry your spaceship knows which way to go. If your circuit goes dead I will fix it, I know that shit inside out.  Explore deep space. Don’t be afraid to fall. You are truly beautiful and it shines through.

The advantages of being a conqueror in a new land. 

As an artist in a new medium you have the upper hand. There is no baseline for normal. No one knows how your art or you as an artist are 'supposed' to look or act. The field is now defined in terms of You not the other way around. Missy is verb and noun. You have set the bar very high. Enjoy the view from your capsule.


Ground Control