Missy Jubilee. Come



Dear Missy,

So much for standing here silently.

In a previous email I queried Max’s emotional response to your overt fantasies and whether or not he has any issue with it. I have done some more thinking on the subject. Warning gross generalizations will ensue. Frequently women are very body conscious, filled with self-doubt and their self-esteem can be easily damaged. Take for example my wife Alex, If I were to pop on a quick episode of “COME Bill Hicks and art of female masturbation” and enjoy the naughty girl rubbing one out on the beach she would be very upset. Dissected – A. She would immediately start comparing herself to Missy (Body shape, breast size, labia size, cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, hair color, nail polish and so on FOREVER).  B. Invariably she would end up feeling inadequate. C. She would blame herself for not being attractive enough. (As a male I don’t understand reaction C at all). D. She would internalize all of these feelings and let them creep out later as resentment and animosity.

There, sorted, as you would have it. From my perspective seeing Missy naked does not make me love my wife any less. She is beautiful and wonderful also. I like naked women so sue me. I do not take notes and compare Alex to Missy. But never the less I cannot control nor do I want to control Alex’s emotions. Ok maybe I would if I could. So… Back to Unicorns, I mean unconditional love. Before you think it, I will tell you - I am not some piece of shit that has eroded her self-esteem to the point that she is so delicate that even a small challenge would fold her hand, this was the way I found her. Wreckage from her past relationships has done very serious and permanent damage to her ego. She is simply not equipped to deal with the perceived competition. If you love someone you cannot tear them down. If you love someone unconditionally you must make sacrifices for the sake of someone who is not brave enough to go head to head with Missy. My guess is that Alex is not the only woman out there that feels this way. This would seem to me to be your biggest adversary. Much bigger than Paypal. Women are ~50% of the population. Men who love women are 49% (some large number minus homosexuals and misogynists) W+M-h-m=100% I don’t know - you do the math. Certainly a social construct that requires Super Missy to fix. Good luck. I am rooting for you. (yay!) said with way more enthusiasm then it looks like. 

By the way what the fuck with Frank Moore? Frank Moore was a master manipulator who freed himself from his bodily prison by convincing women to partake in his “art” which was really no more than a glorified porno selfie which I am sure he played back for his own amusement and which people actually had to pay to be a part of. When in the history of the world has a guy with cerebral palsy been able to be intimate with random women several times a month. Pure genius - you get to pay him to give him a lap dance. Classic. His audience was technically molested mentally and physically. Granted he did post a warning. I just don’t see it as art, eye of the beholder and shit. I do not blame him in the slightest tho. I would probably do the same thing in his shoes, I am just not sure what all of your admiration is based on. Sorry if this offends – I have Jackasspergers, so don’t bully me.   

Oh yeah one more thing. I have really come to appreciate Max's direction and cinematography. I started to pay more attention to it after I got over my jealousy and wow what a great job he does! 

Forever yours,