Missy Jubilee. Naked Files +TVI Documentary Part 1


Hey girl. I´m sick in bed. I actually wanted to fly out to miami 2mor. Posponed it to saturday. Hope I´m able to fly by then... BUT. Had the chance to see the portuguese documentary on your members channel. I was excited to see you outside your films. And again I felt like I felt in the very beginning when I started writing to you. I see a girl so shy and caged within herself. and on the other hand so powerful and willing to go all the way. I was wondering if you are like really happy sometimes. I am asking myself once in a while what I drive for. What my goals are. It´s hard to answer. Even to myself. And in the end I always feel that I just want to be happy. which sounds silly maybe. But thats exactly what it is. Question is: what makes me happy? Again. Almost impossible for me to answer. And again I end up with very simple things. Simple but still so hard to achieve. Looking at you I wonder what does make you happy? Do you strive do be happy? is happiness important to you? You look like a warrior that is so much on a mission that he forgets what this mission is all about. First I thought it´s about sexual freedom and the view on sexuality/porn today. then I thought it´s trying to cope with you childhood and your parents. it´s also a fight against freedom of speech and digital democratization. Against FB and the NSA. Maybe it´s all of that. maybe it´s something completely differently. but what do you want it to be in the end? How do you want to feel/be when this project is over? I hope my words are not too confusing. it´s funny that you always trigger very deep emotions in me. Maybe you bring out the father in me. I always want to take you by the hand and do something to make you laugh. or smile from deep within. to calm you down and show you something nice. something that makes you smile again. something that takes away the tension. I apologize if this is too personal or if it´s just nonsense to you. but I think you want reactions. Here´s mine. and it´s very very spontaneous. (-: xxx Eric