Missy Jubilee. Then


 You are amazing Missy. I can't remember a single thing that i would have disliked about your art when I was watching your videos or reading your writings or anything. You said somewhere that you need 60% of people to dislike your work to know that you are being artistic enough or something like that. I think you will never succeed :D how can anybody dislike what you are doing.
Sooooo, i am following your work almost year now, but there are times when i take a break from you for 2-3 weeks or month, but i always come back. Your work always makes my head full of thoughts. I have that feeling - the more of you, your random thoughts i get to see, the less i really understand you. I probably would be very wrong if tried to imagine your life outside these videos. How looks Missy when she isn't being filmed? Can you film how you look when you are not being filmed? I guess no, coz you will need to be filmed, damned! 

Maybe i will support you with couple $ someday. But it's pretty hard if you live in shithole called Latvia (sorry, dear Latvia, actually I love you). Maybe it isn't worst place in the world, but Latvia is one of most poor EU countries, and with average job you can't really live here, just survive. (blame ww2 and russians for everything, for me not giving you 100$ per film)