Missy Jubilee. Cream'D


Hi Miss J.
really , I have to tell you I watched your beach scene and was so completely blown away by the whole thing. To place it as porn is completely incorrect it is closer to a mutation of art and sensuality and erotica smashing together like 3 different paint colours. 
I write music , I have a deep appreciation for sexuality , this means the type that is not penetrative , tease , intimacy , communicative , exchanging ( zero - power) and whole bundle more . I come into Pornhub and looked up sydney people and saw you there, by chance I thought to look your website and then found a couple of the videos in pornhub to watch . 
I cannot believe you edited and composed all the video and I am not sure how old you are to be honest ( I will check it later) .
I need to go back when I get time to see all the rest but I love your decision to try and claim back the rightful place of sexuality with women over the "Hollowwod " version mafia .. 
So many women don't watch porn because it is distorted and what you show is that it can be art and balanced . 
I have seen extremes of sexuality in order to understand it and at the end of the day I am still learning about it .
Thank you so much for sharing and hope to see more of your work in the future.

PS If you need music .. I would be happy to discuss donating writing some specific for the visuals you intend ..