Missy Jubilee. Naked Files 02



Just finished watching Part 02. Sitting on a dead stump. Aspirations. Oh my.

You do not seem to acknowledge the good you have done so far. You have changed attitudes. You have righted wrongs, and you have entertained. Maybe the next step is to feel the happiness you deserve from achieving that. I know. I should not hypothesise your feelings.

This collection may have been edited to keep things as light as possible, but both yours and Max’s skills (perhaps, given the medium, I see Max’s skills super-highlighted in this collection and…well… damn. He is soooo good at it capturing the light you reflect) are bought to the fore and given mass media coverage,  no small thing that. And deserved. I have said it before, and I will say it again; it is about time. This project was born to grow into something bigger than both you and Max expected. Maybe it has already outgrown your expectations; but bigger than that. It was born to outgrow its family; its followers, its encouragers. 

You see it as an art statement. I am beginning to see it as more. It is a social-political statement. I think it not only belongs in the Tate Modern and MoMA, I think it should be shown in Universities too (and yes, projected onto the opera house at Sydney, and (like Maxim did with Gail Porter) projected onto the houses of parliament here in London why not?

You have taken your beautiful body and used the shame of exposing it as a vehicle for your thoughts and words, with stunning effect. Cathartic? Perhaps. Arousing? when you want it to be, certainly. Intelligent? Most definitely.

One thing that occurred to me recently: It is only a matter of time before a member of my family, work colleagues or friends is going to come up  to me and say that he/she has seen your work and was I the Alan mentioned at the end? I will of course proudly acknowledge I am. Outed by your brilliance. I treasure my anonymity, but why deny the obvious child?

I will let you know when it happens.