Missy Jubilee. Advance script. Episode: Hurt

John Hammond:

Oh Missy! How painful to read of your struggle. Can you direct your rage/hurt/pain away from Missy? The real target is anyone who humiliated and hurt you when you could not defend yourself. The scissors were only following your impulse. That impulse is Missy affirming her right to live free of humiliation. Like you, sexualizing my most painful and self-destructive emotions eased the deep seated ugliness I felt for many years, even now to some extent, though tempered by age or something. Years of therapy perhaps, no not really. Exhausted, wanting to find the appropriate target. We both know the thrill that exhibition promises, but which only really covers and amplifies deeper feelings of disgust borrowed from those whose own disgust sought to divest themselves of it at our expense. Please turn your rage on them! Your path, though painful, has given you something many only hope to have, but who haven't yet paid the price of admission. You have! Bring what you know to be the real you to the front burner. Let it find its proper place of expression in your work. The voices of humiliation will not survive the light of day! Thank you for telling us some of your pain.