Missy Jubilee. Disco Shit


To the sick DJ. Whatever that means.

Disco Shit. Love it.

Can read those two words in more ways than times than you skipped tracks here. And thats a lot of skipping. Hey and skipping is good for you. My doctor son told me. 

Of course you can mix. You have mixed oceans of sound waves with alarming frequencies. 

Since the beginning
Since I first stumbled upon your project
When its eggshell was still on the beach
And I started to follow its tiny footprints into the ocean
There you were with this music
This fucking cool music

Not my taste
of course not
I am just some twat from London 
who knows jack shit about raves and festivals
Closest I got was watching Thin Lizzy 
at the Milton Keynes Bowl when I was 16
having consumed half a bottle of whiskey 
on the train up 
and having to carry my mate around the field
who had consumed the other half

But this was not meant to be listened to
It was meant to be felt
To instinctively know when the breaks should be
to know when the beat should be broken
That is talent right there
Oh yes. But I am sure you know this. 

What are drugs? 
My son would be able to answer better
He spends his time reading and re-reading 
the effects of various activators and pacifiers 
on cells and nerve endings

All I know is some are good
Some are better... 
Most can kill you if you overdose…. 

Some affect your brain and nervous system
others affect your organs
Don’t need to be a doctor to know that shit

Too much of anything is bad for you
Even cake

I look upon drugs like I do plants
All plants are weeds
And all weeds are plants

We just choose to like some 
and not others

And by we
I mean 
our elected parentage
our governments
our drug companies 
and that bloke that everyone knows 
with his tobacco tin
The one reading Zen and the art of motorcycle mechanics
Did I just stereotype again? 

enough said
I should leave you to your trumpet solo

Awesome indeed