Missy Jubilee. 041. Then

Alan Rogers:

To the point; Your film bought a tear to my folded eyes.

I am a father. I do not claim to be a good father; to be honest I think I am pretty useless, but I am aware that the role defines me. I am seen by my children in a way that nobody else on the planet can see me. Which makes you think that as a parent you must start with a plan. Oh no. Nothing. You start with a screaming wet bloody alien; purple with rage at being torn from the womb and neither of you knows what the fuck to do with it. People talk about instinct taking over and that young parents learn ’on the job’. Bullshit. You are both scared shitless. Every action is a life and death scenario. We were so clumsy. Both our kids has so many trips to A&E that we were on some kind of ‘watch list’ with social services. Then these human beings that you created start to garner personalities and independence and judge you. From a frightningly early age. By the time they are hitting puberty they have honed their rebelliousness to an art form. As parents you have spent hours, days, months, years even talking about what to do by then, so the plan, the one and only plan starts to take shape and this is it; we have to get through this together without losing each other or the kids respect. Thats it. The rest is made up on the hoof, and mistakes are most definitely on the menu.

Our brief is to try and guide; to let them know what we would do, but to let them make their decisions and help them where we can. If we do that, we have done our job.

Which is why your story is so sad to me.

Hold on tight to that hand. You are a truly beautiful human being. A solar flare of talent that radiates through all you touch. 

Best Wishes,


ps. not a fan of Taylor Swift but you have to admit she has a point. Shake it off girl.