Missy Jubilee. Get It On

Alan Rogers

Hi Missssssy J,

Before I start I should confess: I guess I am a purist, plus I am an old geezer, so not your target demographic. It reminded me a bit of Michael Jacksons ‘Billie Jean'. Not sure if it is even in there though perhaps it is my aged ears. So if I were to choose a side that you have clearly defined as either Love it or Hate it, I will have to choose Hate. Sorry. It takes me out of my comfort zone to say it, but you set the challenge of it being one or the other, and I am sorry, but currently I do not love it. 

Marc Bolan was a local hero (he and I are both East Enders), and his music reverberates around my youth. I remember ‘Ride a White Swan’ was the most popular track played at my Junior School Disco, up till then the DJ had played lots of ‘Brotherhood of Man’ and sickly ‘Cliff Richard’ tracks with all of us boys on one side of the room and the girls on the other sipping lemonade and pretending to not be interested in each other, and nobody feeling the music. When Bolan came on we all hit the dance floor like lunatics. If I imagine my childhood as a black and white film of boyhood me with long hair playing down our street with my mates, his music would be definitely in the soundtrack.


Based loosely (like most of his tracks) on 12 bar blues (Listen to the ‘B’ side of the single; ‘Hot Love’ for a more obvious example), ‘Get it On’ has a certain ‘naughtiness’ that you quite rightly have identified.


Like you, I did not appreciate this in my youth. Unlike you, I heard it first time around (I was 8 when it was released first time). The lyrics meant nothing to me. It was all about the guitar riff for me. That and the walking bass-line that follows his inhale and sigh and precedes the sax coming back in. I just love that little line of bass notes. I was listening out for them in your version, but yours makes the bass line go in a completely different direction. There goes those base arse beats again.

My honest opinion of your version; well It is a very well engineered/reimagined version, with Bolan’s vocal cutting through the sampling with that sense of edginess. Never scary to me, but I can see what you mean. Those vocals. Man. In terms of it being better than the original. No, not to me. It is a different song though, and definitely has a different more ‘dreamy’ feel to it despite (or perhaps at times at odds to) Bolan’s vocals. I think it could grow on me if I listened to it lots. I like re-imagined songs and I am currently very into Post Modern Jukebox’s work, so I think I can see where you are trying to take this.

The book thing sounds intriguing. Also exhausting, as does your current schedule.

I wish you all the luck in the world. You are one VERY talented girl.

Best Wishes,


Ps; on re-read, I have realised that you probably have no idea what I mean by '‘B’ side of the single’. I was referring to the 7” vinyl which I probably still have in my loft if it has not melted. That dates me.