Missy Jubilee. 040. Fear

"So here’s the song again if you read all this before you listened to the song. If you did that, you’re my kind of people. Weird."

Hi Missy and Max,

Thanks, sort of a backhanded compliment. I like irony too.

I really like the update.
I guess I have other qualities that you have.... when I become interested in something, I am addicted to it. Not addicted in a suicidal, deer-in-the-headlights, dark depression kind of way. Addicted in the curious, what if I didn't look and didn't find what's important kind of way.

So when I read about Roman emperors or Royal peerage, or Caravaggio, I look far and wide for information.... even the printed (on paper) stuff can be found online, or at least where to get a copy. By the same token, it's been a real wonderful ride following you through the nooks and crannies of cyberspace. You're very cool.... seeking, learning, grasping, evolving. A living paradox?

Well, even if what I don't like about you is the most interesting, here's the stuff I like:

- I love the autobiography (over the social commentary)... brilliant.
- I love the updates... what are you doing, why and what does it mean to you. This last post on your blog is fabulous, although I understand it takes time away from the core of your project, it's a major draw and reason to be interested in what you produce on film.
- I love the dichotomy of two Missys. One is distant and elusive, yet the Missy who narrates is full frontal and unavoidable. Interesting evolution that's probably not finished.
- I like to think that the films will get as long as they need, as you learn how to include more of the narrative that's integral to the topic.

What don't I like? (apart from the obvious)

- Waiting... but then that's a huge part of what makes your films addictive. Still, your plan to return to quicker production is genius. The earlier films definitely had a feeling of urgency, or frankness that seems to be missing in the last ones.
- Some of the cinematography... I'm not an expert, just a consumer. I like that it's not all Woody Allen, clear and sharp, but none goes too far in the other direction. I don't like that so much is re-used. I don't like some of the masking... even if the purpose is to evoke a dream. It doesn't have to be nude Missy all the time, but it does have to be compelling.... or focused on the narrative. Apart from that, I have to stand in awe of the volume of work and hunting you do to find all the sound and video clips that you put in for punctuation.
- It's vanilla. Yes... I think you can go too far, but you are regularly implying how deviant your urges are... yet so far, it's been mostly fleeting nudity with a few dreamy blurred sex implications. I'm not trying to be derogatory, just critical. No, I don't think you should lapse into regular porn sequences.... I think you should graphically depict what you're really getting at, artistically, and compellingly. If you're not risking it all, are you trying hard enough? Is it going to be timeless if its ripples are few and weak? Certainly your thought bombs are nuclear.
- Dislike is a bit strong, but I think that some of the stuff in your 'about' can be updated. I think that even as far into the project as you've got, that many things have changed for you. Love to hear you say it. Still, the amount of work you do to keep your empire running is staggering. I understand why you don't, I just wish that you would.

I hope there's enough bitter and sweet in here to fuel your inspiration.

Go... go girl. Go hard and fuck'em if they can't keep up. You'll have time to rest when you're 80.


Very cool to hear your films are studied in higher learning institutes! I'm sure the feeling of vindication is euphoric.