Missy Jubilee. 040. Fear

Missy and Max,

Getting used to the zagging and zigging. Very cool.
Knowing that most criticism is constructive yet discouraging, since it implies improvement of something 'finished', I'll try to be as honest yet as constructive as I can be. Like you I take criticism rarely if at all. I prefer to hear "it's good". Still, you're tougher than I am, and you listen more selectively than I do.

Everybody tells me I should make sure to highlight good points when giving criticism. What I think works best in your films is the narrative. This film is no exception. I wonder if it seems to you that you leave out more than you include..? it's giving me the feeling that each time you make a statement about yourself, it raises more questions than it answers. I hope the intrigue wins you more fans, although I wonder if the trojan horse plan has legs. ;)

I'm not as hooked on music as you, although I think music is important to all of us. Having said that, the more I hear what you like, the less I care whether I like it and the more I hear what you're trying to say through the it. This is an autobiography of a most unique sort. It's revealing, yet almost as opaque as heavy fog... a ship looms, appears and disappears, unlikely as it sounds.

I'm guessing we have heard tiny sound bites of your own voice, I for one look forward to the day we hear you, not just your music. Somehow, I think the project can't be completed without it. Maybe one of the final episodes will be narrated completely by you.

Sliding back into morbidity, I sometimes get the impression that this project is an elaborate suicide note. Then again, that could be said of the life works of many artists who had no such intention. Sliding back into pedanticism, the five-year plan has grown into a 12-year plan. I wonder if you share my suspicion that when you reach 250, you'll still have more to say.

I'd like to add my voice as one of your supporters, those that don't feel the same about you as your parents, 95% of your friends, and any others that can't find a way to accept you.

We never know how we'll react to something until it happens, but I had a lot of weird friends who did a lot of unconventional shit, and even if they're not my friends anymore, dumping them is not how the friendship changed.

I love your tongue in cheek tone in your narrative. I love your bold commitment. That's a very interesting observation about beauty. I think it's your mind that's your most attractive feature... I found this episode every bit as watchable and intriguing as the nudie ones.

I wish I had some great questions for you, ones you might want to answer in your films, or your 'about'. But every time I write them down, they seem either naive, personal (I know, seems unlikely), pushy or presumptuous. I have come to realize that the probable reason they're not already in your work is that you're not ready to answer them anyway. I wonder how many others have scanned through all your stuff, I mean... I hope that's what it's for. I also wish I had great insight for you, and I do have a lot, but I never lived your life.

Do I know you? Actually, I do, more than I thought I would, but I'd still flunk a quiz. We need more study material. :)

Mikkl Odeon xo