Missy Jubilee. Notorious

Hi Missy,

I really love what you wrote trying to explain, the sometimes unexplainable,  creative process. The T-REx mix is great, haven't checked out the other one yet, as I am at work...later.   Have been dipping into your films from time to time, and they never fail to move me-four dimensional explorations, raw fragile and empowering- its a cliche but the 'personal is political', and all great art resonates to those words. Get what you say about Bukowski , one of my poetic heroes too, for me its how to live that real and honest- and do the work/family thing to...a edgy balancing act at times!   The honesty and fragility of your words really inspire me in my various projects Missy, these things matter... us humans being and becoming ( Have forwarded your mail to some fellow travellers) and in the end all we can do is Love Live and Create..look forward to more.

Have a Beautiful Day