Missy Jubilee. 040. Fear

david miller


  Fuck. I can’t tell if you are fiction or not. I guess that is good - very convincing if it is fiction – very honest if it is not. Either way makes for good art.

Torn. To take pleasure in the consequences of your possible sexual/emotional/physical abuse is a gross exploitation of your Being and I am not about that. However if through your project you can gain healing and monetarily then lemonade.

Fuck. I want desperately to believe that you are just you and not a product of some unknown carnage. Why ask why? If it is, it is, so rock it. I am not building a fucking time machine no matter how many times people ask so fuck it, this is what we’ve got.

Shit. Please be careful with those terrorist fuckers.

Ok. Now back to our regularly scheduled abyss.