Missy Jubilee. 029. Mask'D

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Laurent Minh:

Hi Missy,

Watching Mask'D today. I'm not lobotomized... but...

I was 20. At the army, I made a suicide tentative to kick off this mental conditioning, to be close to the Love of my life, my actual wife.

Big error !

During 1 month, I was treated in a psychiatric army hospital. Treated with chemicals drugs. During this month, I had no meaning, no desire, no reason to exist, no reason to die. I was an object, chemically lobotomized... A full year was necessary to reconstruct myself, to retrieve my own personality.

That was in France in 1986

Continue with your stories...

Sad for your grand mother...


Post scriptum : mon fran├žais est vraiment meilleur que mon anglais, est-ce que tu lis le fran├žais?