Missy Jubilee. 030. UnMask'D

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Simon Cooper

First, loved it. 

Did not fully understand it on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd runs through, so I kept persisting to run 37, and then realised that there were words too- d'oh have to stop looking at you.

Read the transcript and found two things: I do focus on the words a lot more, and, I like how you used Kim Addonizio's poem. Interesting change to the original, and you make it more powerful- to such an extent, that when I read Kim's poem, and she has the red dress, I have to go, this one is different, but the light you shine on it now makes me wonder if it is powerful or ... I am not sure- need to understand her a bit better to really have any hope of understanding her poem now. Your lens is too powerful in its use of shame and red dresses, for me to trust my judgement.

I really like the dress of naked truth. That you are sharing the dress with us is amazing in the beautiful way you are realising it, and the generosity and effort and thought you have brought to this adventure. I love it, I want one, I sort of have one, but your light is shining its beam on the moth eaten edges, and the rusty bits of armour I had no idea were there. It seems that there is even a cross-dressing patch, that just turned, up as I was writing.

Simon X

PS You could add therapist, to email checker and stand up comedian SC