Missy Jubilee. Y2K14

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Bernie Glynn:


You never fail to impress by the way these films get more and more interesting and exciting. Overall impressions were very good. Excellent coordination of the movement to the sound track, Great original clips, amazing new lighting effects, and I love the doll at the start. I was so busy watching everything else, I thought it was you! Well done Max and Missy on that one.

The leading graphic is very alluring

00:00 - 00:12 Ass fucking dialogue and doll on the beach - brilliant start!

00:12 - 00:17 Countdown - yes - effective. Made my mind water... you know what I mean

00:18 - 01:18 Oiling sequence. So much to see here. May have to watch this a few times to see it all. The oil on your body is spectacular. The open leg parts where your pussy cannot be seen will frustrate the masturbators. Music and Sync very good.

01:18 - 01:52 Quite trance like! New and effective lighting. Good music and sync.

01:52 - 02:07 Lovely use of clips! Robocop too! Nice!

02:07 - 02:18 Your kind of people are not assholes. They like your kind of erotica. Nice. :)

02:18 - 03:11 I just realised the point of this film - to introduce the next year of random weirdness and stuff. I get it!

03:11 - 03:19 I can put my stalker montage away now - I have seen your whole face. I think I may now recognise you in a crowd. I wonder would I have the courage to come and say hello to you?

Congratulations Missy and Max - its an integrated little package that managed to keep me riveted to the screen, and I had to watch it 3 times to take it all in, it never got old.