Missy Jubilee. 031.1 Requiem. The Long Version

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Name: Robert Turner

Email Address: turnerr1979@gmail.com

Subject: Unintended Consequences???

Message: Thanks so much for your work. I don't even know how I found you, but you have helped me in ways maybe you never knew your work would. I have heard you can find porn on the interweb if you look hard enough but that is not what I was looking for when I found "you", I was looking for answers to a tragedy (well that is yet to be determined) and found your videos. I'll try to make it quick. I am going thru a divorce after 19 years of marriage. 4 kids. 19 months ago my wife attempted suicide. She had been on chemical lobotomy for many years. When she came out of the hospital, she immediately started having affairs, sending nude pictures of herself around and openly looking for the looks and appreciation of other guys, in any way she could. I discovered all of this when she left a shared laptop open to her private email, which she also used as a journal/diary. The only answer I ever got was "you never knew me". I see SOOO much of her in your story. The effed up family, spiced with a good dose of "morality and conformity". I know she was similarly interested in sex at an early age and prolly struggled with what to do with it as you did. I won't droll on, but I believe you have helped me to get some closure on what has been the worst days of my life. I will get none from her. I would love to share your work with her, but we don't talk and if I did she would probably tell the kids dad is a perve. Thank You! I hope others find healing in your story!

And the guy in me has to just let you know that you are amazing, physically - a given. But your mind is sensual and desirable in a way I have never seen in a woman. Oh, and what a pretty foot! Not into it that much but, don't worry 'bout your little toe!