Missy Jubilee. 030. UnMask'D


Simon Cooper

I am probably a poor reviewer of your new work, in one important sense- I have not seen all of your work- although, I have read a lot of the transcripts, pages, comments and questions (where are they done BTW)

At a very 30000 feet level I see your work is almost divided into three types. Damn it, just painted my self into a corner, since, that I have said three types, I find a need to classify, and THAT is tricky, there is greyness here...

From what I have seen so far, in order of my encounters:
- Hilarious exhibitionist 
- Personal journeyer 
- Philosopher (I was going to put erotic in front of that- but it is incorrect. Maybe Damned Sexy would work..)

I want to respond in really different ways to each of these-(notes to self that this is an obviously obvious thing to say):
The exhibitionist videos are really very sexy, and I imagine your audience is a bit like the groups of boys on the beach, rubbing the cream onto your back and over your buttocks, and they get very turned on by both the imagery and the story. I want to give back to you an understanding of the pleasure I feel looking at you naked, and the greater pleasure I feel knowing that you are (?) turned on at the thought of people feeling this. And the laughter- there is a true comic side to these videos.

The personal journey is tough on me, and it is the transcripts I read the most, to go back over what I have seen. Seeing you naked and thinking about stuff is hard- it definitely makes me lean towards, "Hey let us sit and have cup of tea, and anything you say is good and right- I would be really be pissed off/ unsure / self doubting / etc but that is a huge conversation too. I am so far behind.

Which leaves the philosophy... I can take a good dose of philosophy with nudity, any time. I do not understand everything I have seen, I am missing pieces I am enjoying catching up. In terms of catch up,

Warm regards and wishes