Missy Jubilee. 031.1 Requiem. The Long Version

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Hello Missy -

As I'm waiting with baited breath to see what Requiem is to be, I realised that you referred to it in the trailer as -"... the turning point, the fall into the abyss, there''s no turning back now."

 Has the making of it caused a crack to appear in the "1000 permanent masks that make the real me impervious to insight..."?

I wondered about that line, owing mostly to the fact that, while not really knowing you personally, you seem to me to have been finding insights with each film that drive the next or their arcs.

Branch Rickey is quoted as saying "Luck is the residue of design." On that note I will say Good Luck is inevitable, given the design evidenced by your work to date.

Love & Shit -