Missy Jubilee. 031.1 Requiem. The Long Version

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Name: Chris

Subject: A new Fan/follower, thoughts and contribute

Hey Missy,

first of all i've got no freaking clue on how stumbled on your site, but I'm so glad I did! So let me start with you...

About You
Really enjoying your videos, how your expressing yourself and that you want to make porn better. Very creative, with lots of courage, good taste in music and classy visuals! So I'd say you are definitely succeeding and the word porn shouldn't be used for your art. Fuck the haters and it is people like you who shape society in a positive way. One of my mottos is "There is no progression without contrary" and i sometimes exaggerate things for that reason so that you land a middle that is closer to where i want people to be. So bottom line Kudos to you!! and on top of that you are gorgeous:) sassy blue eyes, sexy curves, awesome boobs, vagina and sensual lipss (the second 'S' for the other ones;) and your husband is a lucky bastard;) Total respect and also kudos to your husband for working together on this great project! 

Love that shot

What does a sunbeam into your V feel like? tingly awesomeness! Sun on my dick also makes horny right away!

while typing i'm listing to this and you might like it as well...just at the 42min mark...but you better listen from the beginning

Think i watched all your vids by now but have to admit i have to watch them again. I always get distracted by looking at you and so missing words on the way. 

About beaches 
Envy you for growing up close to a beach!(maybe hate you;) 
Beaches are just the most incredible places to be! When i'm on vacation, I always have to go 'secluded beach hunting' where now google earth comes in handy. And beaches with naked women on it is just the best combo in the world. It's just so raw and the closest thing to experience complete freedom. Well and what tops it all is of course sex on the beach with the added twist of being caught. 
I think i even have a bit of an obsession with beaches and that might be because that was where I first saw topless woman and boobs live in action. And btw you should move to Europe! Way more relaxed with nudity! 
I remember this trip with my aunt and uncle when i was around 12 (i think) and i was just fascinated with woman bodies. My uncle caught me using his binoculars on the balcony and i was pretending to watch ships at the sea and he said "boy you aren't watching the sea" blush.....
The hotel also had a pool in the basement and that's where i had my first orgasm without really knowing what I was doing. My parents didn't tell me "hey boy one time boy you will get a boner, you can play with it, some white stuff comes out of it, put in vaginas etc". So how I came the first time was in the pool and there was this strong water jet. Mhhh feels good on the dick and boom came within 30s. Lasting longer by now after lots of practice;) Later i was questioning "Why is my dick so sticky"......
Later trips with my parents to beaches I remember me always walking around the beach and trying to look at all the woman. Naked boobs, the shapes of their vaginas through the bikini a nice camel toe bring it on. Then i would always go back to the hotel or apartment a bit earlier than the rest of us so that i can jerk off nicely in the shower. (and FUCK was I horny after a day at the beach!!!) So guess "first orgasm we have something in common when it comes to beaches:)

About normal
You seem to question what's normal. Just scrap the word altogether. Normal is just an invention of society. Society is is the median and not receptive to the extreme sides that live in it. And even worse is that freaking religion shaped society in a very suppressive way. So forget what's normal and what is important is that you feel comfortable with who you are. Anybody who doesn't like it can just fuck off. I recently read the book "Why nations fail" and it is a very interesting read to get a better understanding why the world is what it is today. I find it it's not only applicable to nations, but smaller entities as well. 
Am i normal i don't know. Is it normal that i wish i could jerk off 10 times a day and cover the whole world with my cum? I don"t know but it feels good and hence i feel good about it:) One thing is for sure i need more cum produced somehow and that's were woman have an advantage i guess;) since there is almost no limit on how many orgasms you can have per day. 

About Vaginas 
I just love them! They come in so many different shapes and i just want to eat them all out. The taste is just awesome. Makes me so horny is a woman really enjoys it. Actually i think it might be a prenatal (not sure if thats the right word) thing where you would just love to dive back in this cosy place where you where as a baby. Basically, i want all the vaginas in the world. Yours belongs here: http://www.reddit.com/r/perfectpussies! Could probably fill a couple of pages on vaginas but don't want to write a novel in my first email to you;) But a little side track on reddit.com. Did you take a look at what is going on there? check the gonewild subreddit and other once like tribute me. It's crazy how many people freely post their nude pics! 
And as an example of the vagina's that turn me on the most. Look at that mountain of a V..
specifically these 3 are so hot...
raaaar yummmmmm

About naked Spa's/Saunas
I know you probably don't have that in Australia but in Europe we do. Like watching naked peps and be naked myself and being watched. Was there a couple of days ago and it makes me so horny. Doesn't really matter to see beautiful people. just being naked is just the best. The place i go to has a naked sauna area with outside pools etc. and a usually non-naked swimming area with hot tubs and whirlpools. But 2 days a month the whole thing is just an effing nude place. Next Thursday is the next day and i'm so going to go there. Did it the first time last year and it is just awesome!!! Swimming naked, go into the whirlpool and feel the bubbles on your dick. Was there a couple of days ago on non-nude day and still it was hot. After the naked sauna went for a swim in the non-nude area and placed my dick on on one of the water jets and almost came. Then thought that will be mess in my pants and didn't do it. Isn't being a teenager the best when you don't worry about shit like that???

About contributing to make art and not porn
Always liked to sometimes make vids or photos of my dick or cumshots. Did make some gifs here or there but you inspired me to be more creative. Played with filters and created i think 2 great teasing gifs with black and white animation effects. I call them EvilEye into light and EvilEye into darkness but not telling more to not spoil the surprise effect of what the gif reveals;) Contemplating sharing with you for your site or a special project if you are interested. If yes what would be the best and most anonymous way to get them to you? don't like sending them with my gmail since google knows too much anyways. so maybe upload to imgur?

Pheww that got long winded but hope you enjoyed the read. Again super respect and kudos for your work and i'll happily share further thoughts and contribute on future projects. Ask anything you like!:) Hope to stay in touch and until then happy new year and keep up the great work!