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Jan Martz:


I watched your film „masked“ this morning and was touched, loved your line going sth like „one day I rolled over and decided to kiss my drug-free self good morning.“ Thank you!
I am very aware of the criticisms about psychiatry you make, and feel strongly about the amount of harm done to human beings by my profession and the powerful industry behind it. Are you aware of the work of David Healy, a psychiatrist very active in an attempt to reduce the harm (one of his latest books is called Pharmageddon, he runs this website). Rob Purssey is a psychiatrist in your country Australia involved in ACT and in working for functional contextualistic psychiatry. I suggest you befriend him, I am confident he will be impressed by your film (if you prefer, I can send him a link). You probably know Robert Whitaker's book „Anatomy of an Epidemic“ which describes your concerns in a very engaging and convincing way. My 11-year old son Uriel is quite special, refuses to go to school several times a month, flies into rages a lot, refuses to cooperate more often than not. We went to a child psychologist who tested him, and – surprise, surprise – diagnosed a special kind of ADD, and suggested methyl phenidate (Ritalin). I was shocked and even as a psychiatrist insecure about her advice, which we refused in the end.