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Clint Chesson:

I watched Pornomatik yesterday and, once again, loved the visuals, the music,and the message, I have to admit, probably because of my age (48) I grow weary of flash cuts but you use them so effectively I an loathe to bitch about them (though I think I just did,,,) : ) . Anyway In addition to begging you not to apologize, I wanted to give you major props for the message of Pornomatik. I consider myself an intensely sexual person who, like most males i know, is very much visually stimulated. I love erotic films and authentic sensual experience but am overwhelmingly dissatisfied with porn. Not sure I mentioned before but, I am a bassist, have played for 36 years - it is my true passion and my creative outlet. Please bear with me while I get to the point: George Clinton made a statement many years ago that I subscribe to as a mantra for work, relationships, life, and definitely art: George said "you can't fake the funk." In my world, this statement distinguishes reality from contrived crap. If "it" (the categories I defined) is from the heart, authentic, passionate - everyone recognizes passion/authenticity regardless of whether they "like" the genre; people respect passionate authenticity whether it is their flavor or not. Similarly,it easy easy to spot and dislike mass produced heartless crap so insultingly aimed at the lowest common denominator. The porn industry is overwhelmingly heartless crap to me. Provocative sensuality is by it's very nature authentic - you can't fake it (the funk). The point? All of that to say I think you are on the right track and, for what it is worth, I applaud your efforts. Additionally - Max is a lucky man. : ) Can't wait to see what is next Missy.

Peace, Clint