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This may bore the arse off  ya Missy. You got my old noggin in a spin with your work. The intensity is both painful and beautiful and contains a lot of elements Mark Hollis speaks of in this interview. You being naked is relevant because what you are doing will make it difficult to become a dated work. Your choice of music ditto, even the subject matter which is intensely personal. I always have the feeling I am not sharing anything you don't already know, perhaps that is just my skewed reality my belief I am insignificant and a dummy. 

I love music and I admire Mark Hollis for his integrity as an artist which he explains in this piece. I think it can be applied to many forms. Later work received shite reviews not because the work was bad but the audience could not keep up with the progress. It was not their being any less for that, just how it rolls sometimes, like Jazz is the music for musicians. If you gotta ask what it Jazz is, chances are you will never know, it is a sensibility, a sensitivity innate... sound like snobbery. I hope never to be guilty of that, I enjoy people of all walks except those that hurt the weak. 

Zen can be found anywhere. I like to dig holes in the ground, give me a shovel and say Andy lad, dig es a hole there and I am like white on rice. Within minutes, shite is flying, I watch my forearms become flush, I love to see the veins swell up and imagine the blue to be rivers and streams in  land where peace is the supreme being. I feel my shirt become wet then stick to my back and I am positively gleeful when I feel a little rivulet of sweat run down the crack of my arse as the hole opens up. My heart is beating, lungs burning and I know made something beautiful. Now pass me that rose bush, the pink one with blooms that fade to red to her heart.  Morning dew catching colours of the rising sun she wears the vestment of creation, plain and simple without frill or flurry She is just Being what she knows. No question, she is without fault and her nakedness is a Glory to G-d for she is as intended. As are you, whatever your name is and that is not important, just a formality, yet another:)))) Consider that there may be nothing wrong with you, weigh in on the rational that a world of people dressed in the fashion of today are just contributors to a culture of sweat shops resplendent with children feinting, being dragged off the shop floor, thrown into the street. That kid then walks home ashamed for not filling the boots she didn't ask for. The world is insane Missy, not you. Hold on to my hand cos we're gonna jump, tighter...k here we go) Red pill or the blue Missy? What you may or may not know about the two guys that wrote a very popular series of movies from which I lifted that quote is that the inspiration was drawn from teachings developed by a group who have no religious leanings other than adhering to the truth in the present tense. Central to that is that there is nothing wrong, that is a bit like  when we say "up shit creek without a paddle' Hey homey did you consider the paddle is for momentum and direction. Your ass is still afloat right :)))

You are already versed and have read the Good Book more than once, I can see that. I read, sometimes just words, sometimes beyond. Original sin, nakedness was not G-ds idea of sin, that was pretty boy working his mojo, monkey hand toting motor scooter that he be. Conforming is comfortable but soul destroying. Now is the time of man, the gentile and those that claim to be who they are not. Progeny of the wild man that gave up his inheritance.

One more jump across the stream...ha I see you smile. 

My thinking was defined by events, happenings out of my grasp. ! My grandfather passing which led me to consider mortality, eternity and infinity around the age of six which you also did in your own way with consideration to your brother.

 Giving and receiving head a year earlier was mind blowing so much so that I .., I will relate this as it comes back to me, I never considered it abuse by the way! 

Anyhoo enough back to the tunes and the calming, considerations of Mr Hollis on music and its' function. Stick in bonny lass, you are ok.. in fact considerably better. 

The hilarious bit is right at the end when it skips to some forgotten rapper ( I like good rap) Just seems to really reinforce  what Mark talks about. 

His music makes me cry as does Coltranes "These are a few of my Favourite things. I can only listen to that every couple of years" It is coming up on tha timewise and You are worth the tears so I will pull my cotton socks up, straighten my kilt and grab my bag pipes. Shit my heart is thumpin cos I know I am gonna cry...damn damn a double damnbusting bucketful I wish I could cry me a river with no shame, I can do that right, I have the right to feel