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Simon James

Subject: So, got past the funny, and into the deep videos, then...

About your work: it is everything you say it is, but to me it is really accessible and the best of its kind. It makes people talk and think about themselves, and reflect with in it and out of it (and I was going to be cliche free- ha!). Upon reflection, I maybe wrong in it being accessible- maybe it appeals to a very limited group of people- perverts, love everyone of them.

I want to say more about a couple of your later works, but I still feel a little raw and need to package the themes into something that I can attach English to... but in short, they were great, but like Schindler's List great (but WAY shorter)- I did not feel at all erotic, I was stunned and then thought about me for the next few hours. 

I am a little amazed. Here I am, getting caught with your first few videos and seriously laughing and getting very turned on, and then the next day, I am watching the same woman, just as naked, and all I am feeling is very churned emotionally, and nothing sexually. 

This is seriously good- I am glad of being moved from one interest in your work (yeah, purely sexual, I get bored easy) to this other emotional place- I got hooked. I am already wondering, could we lift the number of videos from 250?- from my side of the fence it seems way too few. 

I also want to say a thank you to your husband, and anyone in your team that helps to produce the amazing visuals- awesome, everyone of you,