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Dave (twiggy) Twigg

Subject: Lou Reed

Sorry, I didn't know he had died (or maybe I did but forgot). Btw, I have yet to find a useful definition to the term 'sexual deviant' as well. It's almost as elusive/meaningless as the term 'slut'. I met my first (and possibly my only) true love in a 'mental institute' who was at the time undergoing electro-shock therapy. She was also the horniest and most incredible & insatiable lover I have ever met! We were only together two years, but it was the most incredible two years of my life!!! One thing I have discovered in the years since - there is no such thing as a sexual deviant or pervert. Everyone is - everyone has their own bent, their own turn-ons and turnoffs, their own secret fantasies that would mark them as a asexual deviant. But most will also happily point the finger at someone else, and then breath a silent sigh of relief when the other is crucified, instead of themselves. Escape to 'sin' another day! lol...Religion seems to be at the root of most of the deviations from 'pure sex', and yet responsible for most of the condemnations as well!!! And btw, in regards to your comment about brain dead porn - that's how I differentiate between porn and eroticism. If it awakens your mind, it''s not porn! Although it would be nice to see a little eroticism coming from the porn industry. It's not like there isn't enough money available! Of course actual erotic porn would probably be banned outright...sort of like education that actually teaches kids to think! Not allowed!!! Anyway, I love your mixes, although a little disconcerting at times. Sort of like drinking Jack Daniels but throwing in a glass of Zinfandel or a shot of tequila from time to time! And I love your body! Pure naked with a dash of sensuality, honesty, delicious figure and gorgeously squeezable ass! Attached to your mind and your personality...a woman ahead of her time! But you'll hopefully inspire some of the changes necessary to free women (and men) from this fucked-up deviant society!

With your help, maybe one day the phrase "rock on!" will be replaced with "fuck on!" if society ever admits that sex is at least as integral a part of humanity as music!