Missy Jubilee. 1st Orgasm

MissyJubilee_1st Orgasm_002.jpg

Dave Twigg:

Subject: 1st orgasm

Only watched this one so far - already inspired by your honesty, and of course your discovery of the untouched orgasm that presages the discovery that all eroticism is in the mind. The nerves might send the right signals, but only if your mind is "in the mood" to receive them. Just wish you wouldn't use the term 'slut'. Too sexist, and haven't yet found a useful definition - sort of like the term 'niggar' or other extremely abusive term that is also sometimes used as a term of inclusion instead of exclusion. Not very useful however. Usually a term of 'moral judgement' by someone not qualified to make such judgements! Anyway, I look forward to exploring your creations and your story. Thanks for the enlightenment.